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Super Test 400 | Best Test 400MG/ML Cycle | WFN Pharma

Super Test 400 | Best Test 400MG/ML Cycle | WFN Pharma - 1 Bottle


Super TEST 400 - LAB TESTED 

Super Test 400 is a powerful blend of Test C and Test E, providing the best results for Test 400 cycle.

Super Test 400 from WFN Pharma contains:

200mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate

200mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate

Customer Reviews

Goes in smooth
This product is great. First injection of 1 ml went in nice and smooth. I used a 25 gauge needle to draw and inject.
Review by Buff Beard (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Just received got it
Just received this in the mail last week, will for sure update on the results.
Review by banebig51 (Posted on 11/14/2016)
Fixed my problem
These guys are awesome! i didnt like the way this product felt and they worked with me and had no problem with fixing my problem! Good luck trying to find a better place then this to get your gear... btw there stack500 is great if you want to switch it up and get different results try the stack500 blend by wfn!! Ive ordered it at least 5 times ive put on 25 pounds when i did 1cc twice a week for 10 weeks 2 bottles just make sure to have ur pcts and gyno inhibitors kuz it is STRONG!!
Review by Edward (Posted on 9/2/2016)
This shit is the real deal... Had my doubts at first but about week 4 could start seeing insane results had a little pip at first but went away after my body Got used to the injections I recommend to anyone looking for a good testosterone :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Review by Josh (Posted on 8/31/2016)
Quality Test
Just like everything else WFN produces, this is a quality testosterone blend. I personally experienced considerable PIP but after cocktailing it with tren e it smoothed right out.
Review by Matt (Posted on 8/8/2016)
awesome blend!
This is a great blend. No PIP and keeps everything nice and stable. I would strongly recommend for anyone looking to supplement with a longer acting ester test.
Review by WC (Posted on 2/24/2016)
Excellent product
I have been in the business/industry for over 21 yrs. I have extensive experience in all kinds of supplementation. Time and circumstances change priorities as you grow older. Training and supplementation took a back seat for me over the last 5 yrs. I never stopped training but I did stop HRT completely for the last 5 yrs. I finally decided to go back onto HRT with a couple products. This is the base product for me and the quality is excellent. I didn't know quite know how I would respond after all the yrs of use and the 5 yr hiatus. I found the right dosage after about 6 weeks. It's clean and legit. My strength and size has changed considerably. With my recent adjusted dosage, my strength and body comp is changing rapidly. You can't beat the price or quality and the shipping time is incredible.
Review by James (Posted on 12/13/2015)
My favorite test mix!
This is by far my favorite test to run for trt. I was able to cruise at .3cc 2x a week for the last three months with no issues. This was followed by a pretty heavy test/tren/winny cycle that had me In the best shape of my life ( all WFN oils and orals). I know how my body reacts following the use of certain compounds and I have to say that super test 400 is accurately dosed and it appears my blood work has proved that. Thank you WFN!
Review by Seth (Posted on 11/8/2015)
It works great, but I get a lot of acne from this I don't know if it is the E or C that makes me break out. only on 200mg a week.
Review by John Doe (Posted on 8/12/2015)
Amazing truely amazing
Review by :p (Posted on 5/11/2015)
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