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Somatropin - LAB TESTED

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Growth Hormone. Few Anabolic agents have as much of an effect, are shrouded in as much mystery or are the subject of so many falsehoods (Bro-Science) as the one and only HGH. To be sure, HGH probably affects more types of human tissue then any other Hormone. (Endogenous or Exogenous). From a technical perspective, HGH is made in the pituitary Gland, its secretion is controlled by GHRH (growth hormone, releasing hormone, conversely the hormone that is responsible for limiting the secretion of HGH is somatostatin. (Early versions of endogenous supplementation focused on various formulations as secretogogues)

For the Athlete, HGH has been shown to Increase muscle mass and decrease body fat WITHOUT exercise. (8.8 and 14.4 respectively) Thus, one can only wonder as to how much MORE OF the aforementioned effects WOULD BE present, if the supplementation and a concomitant proper training regimen would have been included in the studies.

HGH has been proven to have direct affects on bone, fat, muscle, liver, kidneys, cardiac muscle, pancreas, spleen, and intestines. More particularly it affects said tissues in growth, metabolic changes and especially tissue differentiation. As such endogenous supplementation with HGH has been shown to enhance sexual performance, increase cardiac output, regulate/enhance kidney function, increase HDL, decrease LDL, promote wound healing, regrow hair, improve sleep patterns, enhance the bioavailability and efficacy of other hormones, increase immune system functioning, increase the physiological response to physical stress, decrease blood pressure, increase bone density, increase skin elasticity, improve wrinkles, increase memory retention and assist in minimizing early onset dementia. This veritable cornucopia of benefits along with HGH’s cult like status make it the most sought after anabolic/performance enhancing drug.

HGH’s effects on the human body and it’s mode of action are different from that of anabolic steroids as typical therapeutic doses are not intended for extreme and short lived results. Typical usage is longer term (16 weeks or more) with the anti-aging community advocating its sustained use as a way to stave off the aging process. Typical dosages for male athletes are in the 3-4 IU’s per day range with 1-2 IU’s for females. It should be noted that the human body secretes HGH in small “bursts” and primarily at night during deep sleep. Furthermore, HGH has a very short half-life, thus it would seem that in order to mimic this pattern, one would be better suited utilizing 2 or 3 smaller doses spread throughout the day.

Finally the age old debate as to the best injection site, Traditional schools of thought dictated that HGH should be used subcutaneously while the more modern approach indicated that intramuscularly was just as effective. In a “nod” to both, it should be noted that research has shown that the BIOAVAILABILITY of HGH once introduced endogenously was 75% subcutaneously and 63% intramuscularly. Case closed? Not exactly, as the aforementioned half-life of HGH were 3.8 and 4.9 hours respectively. Thus, using simple mathematical calculations it would seem that the total amount of circulating endogenous HGH would be virtually the same no matter the application mode. It should further be noted that the anabolic effects of endogenous HGH or testosterone by themselves were substantially lesser then when the two were used together. Thus, one should remember that in HRT the sum of the parts can very often be greater than the whole.

Is Somatropin for You?

Somatropin (HGH) is a form of human growth hormone that has proven successful in aiding the growth of bones, cells, and organs within the body. The hormone has many uses, including:
  • Treatment of growth failure in both children and adults
  • Treatment of chronic kidney failure, Noonan syndrome, Turner syndrome
  • Prevention of weight loss in people with severe illness such as HIV
  • Weight management/ weight loss
  • Increased muscle development
Somaptropin comes in many forms, including serums and HGH pills. While those looking to buy HGH should be aware of the health risks and side effects that come with frequent use, studies have shown that use of HGH can have significant health benefits if used properly. Consult your doctor before you buy Sompatropin and use as directed for the best results.

Somatropin Side effects:

In clinical studies in which HGH (Somatropin) was given to children with growth hormone deficiency, the following reactions were infrequently seen:
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Redness or swelling at the delivery site
  • Hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone)
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Water retention
  • Worsening of psoriasis symptoms that existed before therapy began
Any patient who has a growth hormone deficiency and does not respond to therapy should be tested for thyroid problems or antibodies to human growth hormone. Either of these conditions can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Somatropin numbers and graphs

Customer Reviews

been using wfn hgh for a year. user for off season, with test 400, deca with no side effects. im 2 wks into cutting for a show, already seeing beautiful results. ive had parkinsons for 15 years and this has made me f feel great. at47 my body îs growing fast. i love this company and their products. çustomer for life
Review by mike (Posted on 8/19/2016)
HRT . Master champion
Now at 46 recovering is not like my 20s I also have a herniated disc L-4 L-5 with some arthritis in shoulders along with micro tears impingements the list goes on . I have tried Chinese hgh & I must say what a waste of my $$$ the red welts that the Chinese hgh gave everyone u had to inject it only INTRAMUSCULAR . I was hesitate about trying WFN hgh but I could not resort back to the GREY MARKET SCAM. I took only 2ius a day with 1 day off aw week right away I noticed after 2 weeks I felt better my nerve pain from my herniated disc felt BETER . Especially after my stationary bike workout . But most of all I noticed I slept BETER I am a light sleeper I don't get more than 3 hours of lucky at a time, the sleep was more rejevanated . All in all the best part was also no RED WELTS !!!! I can take it Sub Q !!! Looking forward to getting back on real soon . I've taken a break & am going to check my IGF levels.
Review by P.J (Posted on 7/27/2016)
Good to go
I bought several times from here and always good gear. I just bought wfn growth , this is the real deal , I am on it about 5weeks and. Nice fat lose already ,but the best part my diet is not the cleanes right now, will clean up diet this week can't wait , but only complaint I have is I called the company 5 times left message and no response at all , I got sick and tired calling and no response , wfn we are your customer you should at least call back , 5 stars for growth 1 star for calling back or even picking up there phone
Review by Cliff (Posted on 4/10/2016)
Great Quality
Been taking for several months now with very good results! U guys have a customer for life
Review by Billy (Posted on 3/16/2016)
this hgh is definitely good to go.. Felt it very fast!! Only 2ius and I'm good .
Review by Eddie (Posted on 2/17/2016)
Great Representation
I am not going to lie, I had my concerns but when I reached out to the company they responded within minutes, what more can you ask for in a company? I will,continue to,use the Rx, and feel young and healthy.

Review by Brian Martin (Posted on 11/1/2015)
Real deal!!
Ive been taking UGL growth for several months now. After doing alot of research on Wellness Fitness and Nutrition, I ordered their growth. This stuff is the real f%#$%n deal! Weight loss, wicked fast muscle recovery, and very deep sleep. Grade A!!
Review by Ryan (Posted on 10/18/2015)
Starting with 2iu/daily, I already got the classic sides...deep sleep, numb hands, etc. Moved up to 4iu and it intensified. Very happy to know that WFN has a quality compounding pharmacy for their HRT program, to complement the fast delivery and excellent customer service. Will recommend to many people.
Review by David (Posted on 10/4/2015)
Very Good!
Wow. Wasnt to sure oj buying this at first but now im very glad i did! Felt the effects riggt away muscles much fuller and rounder, appetite is accelerated, recovering much faster! Grade A
Review by Tyler (Posted on 8/22/2015)
I been on the product for roughly a month and already notice effects such as more quality sleep, more endurance, and way faster recovery time, I have a injured shoulder and neck pain, seems to make it quite more comfortable everyday, nearly to the point of no discomfort. Product almost feels like a miracle. A++
Review by Craig (Posted on 3/15/2015)
This HGH is not normal, I felt it straight away! Amazing product and will definitely buy again
Review by Joe (Posted on 2/16/2015)
When I hear people say you have to wait weeks to know if the hgh is good or not I know they have never done good grade hgh. Real hgh you will know very fast like this brand right here. I am off cycle and adding this my muscles are healing faster than they do on cycle. Waking up in morning with muscles full and feeling totally rested and ready to hit heavier weight than ever. Well worth it!!!!!!
Review by mike (Posted on 1/8/2015)
Glad to be one of the first to try!!!
I had the pleasure during the trial batches to be a participating patient. Have to say, this is way stronger than any other HGH in the market. You will stop paying the money for overpriced products once you try it. Looking forward to the other brands that they will be launching.
Review by John Sheehy (Posted on 12/24/2014)
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