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Melanotan II 10MG (WFN Pharma)

Melanotan II 10MG (WFN Pharma) - 1 - 10MG Vial



Melanotan II was developed originally as potential preventative treatments for various forms of skin cancer. It was thought that by artificially stimulating the internal tanning process among members of the population that were at high risk to develop skin cancer due to sun exposure that one may be able to lower the chances of these individuals from developing the disease later in life.

Along with the benefits of providing a tan without the need for extensive exposure to sunlight as well as improved sexual performance and/or desire, Melanotan II also may help to decrease the appetite via targeting an appetite-suppression receptor in the brain. This effect is not an overwhelming one but is noticeable for the majority of users and desirable for many. The duration of the tanning effect of the drug once a user ceases administering it will once again depend on several factors. The majority of users however will notice that the tan achieved with the drug will fade and become unnoticeable within four to eight weeks after ceasing the administration of the drug.

For most individuals, during the loading phase with the hormone, a range of between 0.015 to 0.02 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per injection should be sufficient. These injections would take place anywhere from twice daily to as infrequently as once every other day or longer. For the maintenance phase many individuals will find that a dose of approximately 0.01 milligrams per kilogram of body weight administered once every few days should be sufficient to maintain the effects of the hormone.

Customer Reviews

Real Deal but not for everyone
i religiously use WFN products and all are legit. first time use for melanotan 2. everyone raves about this product and not mentioning much about sides. product doesn't work for me. Tried twice to confirm, several days between each dose. first time .25mg second time even smaller dose. injection site itches immediately then within 5 minutes stomach cramps bad through to the next day. only very slight nausea, no big deal. don't feel 100% for about 3 days though. not worth it for me. thinking i might have an allergy to it. just want to let you know it's not for everybody.
Review by Bill (Posted on 9/26/2016)
Real important advice . WFN the best out there !
It's important to get peptides from a LEGITE source I have taken this peptide From another peptide company & it left DARK SPOTS BY THE INJECTION SITE THAT TOOK 2-3 yrs to go away probably due to it being from China but WHEH I tried the WFN BRAND NO SKIN ISSUES AT ALL I LOVE THIS PEPTIDE & I will only buy from WFN #1 . Is it possible u guys can produce the melanton peptide 1 , I like it better over the peptide 2 version unless I would be competing than peptide 2 is like using artificial Pro ta artificial pro tan I get that dark my wife thought I was black WHEH we met I'm Sicilian Italian Sicilian Italian & was on peptide 2 version she loved the sexual side effect it gives me ummnn yes it is the best aphrodisiac Since viagra lol .
WFN is the best I can't say it enough stick to the best it's your body & I want to know that if I am putting in any type of chemical I want to rest assure that it's the best grade & with WFN I can rest easier WHEH I start any of there products . I love your peptide line of products WFN I hope you guys never leave us . I hate giving my $ overseas or to someone that' only purchases the cheapest peptides to make the most profit with WFN w all I can rest easier thank you :muscle::zzz:
Review by P.J master body builder (Posted on 8/31/2016)
You will be dark!!!
This stuff will make you dark in 2 weeks, whether you're in the real sun, or suntan beds, believe me you will get darker than ever!
Review by Bernie (Posted on 4/23/2016)
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