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The Secret Life of Anavar

This entry was posted on January 5, 2017 by John Romano.


Anytime any dude ever picked up a bottle of Anavar, it was usually for his girl friend. Conventional thinking would usually not consider 2.5 mg of Anavar (oxandrolone) per pill anything worthy of a big guy. But, in today's ever changing landscape of performance enhancement, nothing could be further from the truth. For those who know, Anavar is one of the very best performance enhancing drugs for maintaining strength, power and endurance, especially for athletes competing in drug tested events.


These athletes, as well as bodybuilders and recreational steroid users, really took notice of Anavar when it was ranked number one, with respect to its risk to benefit ratio, by the original steroid guru, Dan Duchaine. What prompted Duchaine to give Anavar such high marks back in the early 1980's is still true today.  Anavar imparts an undeniable ergogenic effect with very low liver toxicity, nor other undesirable side effects.  This has made Anavar one of the most popular steroids of all time among both men and women. But, today, because Anavar has such a profound effect on maintaining muscle mass with no undesirable side effects, and because it clears the body in less then three weeks, it has become a favored “bridging drug” for athletes going into drug tested competitions such as Cross Fit.


Anavar was originally marketed under the trade name Oxandrin by Searle laboratories in the mid 1960's for the treatment of numerous disease that caused patience to lose muscle mass. Shortly thereafter it became one of the first oral steroids to hit the bodybuilding scene. Eventually, Searle was bought out by Pfizer and, unbeknownst to anyone, Anavar was removed from the shelves. When the AIDS epidemic began to spread in the mid 80's Anavar, now referred to by its chemical name, oxandrolone, became a preferred prescription item favored by rouge doctors treating AIDS patients, because Anavar proved to combat muscle wasting and increase muscle mass and strength with very little water retention and little to no insult to the liver or other undesirable side effects.


Anavar eventually became favored by female athletes because, at just 2.5mg per tablet, it was mildly dosed and caused little to no androgenic side effects. The fact that it was not an injectable was also appealing to women. That's how it became known as a “girl drug.” But, make no mistake, Anavar is a potent drug, very much in use by men.


Because Anavar does not have a propensity to cause the body to hold water, many hard training bodybuilders, following a strict diet, would usually notice a bigger and more defined physique. However, in higher doses, up to 50 – 100mg a day, those using Anavar at the end of a growth/ strength cycle, leading into a drug tested event, athletes claimed that their muscles seemed more full and defined and were able to generate strength almost on par with the PR's they hit during off season training. They also noted no deleterious effect to their blood pressure or other telltale side effects. Hence, used properly, even in high doses, Anavar seemed to be a safe, high quality, steroid that athletes could use to either put the finish on a physique leading into a competition, or the best fast-clearing drug to use heading into a drug tested event, not to mention a mild steroid perfectly suited to women.


When using oral steroids, liver toxicity is always a concern. Anavar is one of the few oral compounds that is 17 alpha alkylated. This refers to a synthetic addition of an alkyl group to the 17 carbon position of the steroid backbone. The idea behind this is to allow the steroid to avoid first pass liver metabolic degradation and thus prevent any deactivation of the steroid. This results in Anavar causing no strain on the liver if used in moderate dosages (up to 50mg a day) for long periods of time. Due to the fact that it is not liver toxic, Anavar has even been prescribed to people with hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.


Summing it up, Anavar has proven to be a vital tool in the protocol of drug tested athletes. Anavar allows them to maintain much of their off season strength gains and still pass a drug test because Anavar clears the body of its metabolites fairly quickly. In higher doses (up to 100mg a day) leading into a drug tested competition, Anavar allows users to reap the benefits of performance enhancing  drugs and, dialed in properly, still pass their drug test.

  • Posted on January 5, 2017

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