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12 week lean bulking blitz

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12 week lean bulking blitz - 12 week lean bulking blitz


Items Included: 4 x Sustanon 250, 4 x Trenabol, 3 x Anavar, 2 x Winstrol Tablets, 2 x Clomid 

Cycle Length: 12 weeks
Cycle Layout:
Weeks 1-12 Sustanon 250mg every other day
Weeks 1-10 Trenabol 250mg every other day 
Weeks 6-12 30mg Anavar /30mg Winstrol every day
Weeks 14-18 50mg Clomid every day

A lean bulking cycle for the advanced user. The user will inject 1cc of Sustanon 250 once every other day along with 1cc of Trenabol 250 every other day for 12 weeks. Starting in week 6 the user will add 3 tabs of Anavar as well as 3 tabs of Winstrol every day. 2 weeks after discontinuing use of products, the user will take 50mg of Clomid per day for 4 weeks.
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